5 Benefits of Using Electric Wheelchairs to Seniors

The seniors come to a point in their life where they require help walking around. They may need assistance because of old injuries swelling up. It could also be due to hip issues, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and other problems. Although realizing that they require help to walk around may be hard to accept, there is a solution. You need to get a wheelchair for your senior member of the family. 

If you have a senior in your family and are wondering if getting him a wheelchair is a good option, we have the answers for you. We recommend an electric wheelchair because of the many benefits that come with it. Check out these 5 benefits of using electric wheelchairs.

Quick and simple to move

If you have had a manual wheelchair, you can agree that an electric wheelchair will offers your patient excellent maneuverability. This is by offering free moving of the electric wheelchair while rotating in circles. This makes it easy for the user to direct the chair in small regions. These can be narrow areas or indoors

 It can move on hard terrains

If your patient is always on rough terrains and finds it hard to move around, an electric wheelchair will do the task for him. This kind of chair will assist the senior to navigate through the difficult terrains and slants. The electric wheelchair has huge tires and a powerful motor that guarantee the patient maximum help.  Also, the chair is created in a manner that allows the patient to pass through all the paths

The patient can adjust the height

With an electric wheelchair, the patient can easily adjust the chair’s height. Apart from that, the patient is free to adjust backrest according to his convenience.  It is not like a manual wheelchair that restricts height adjustment. The senior can change to height to the level that he needs. 

All the user needs to do to make the adjustments is to push the button and he will be fine. The best thing about these chairs is that they are created in a way that your senior will not need another hand for help. Once you get this wheelchair for him, you are good to go on with other tasks.

 Excellent support

One of the benefits of an electric wheelchair is that it offers the senior excellent support.  If you have a patient who uses one, you will agree that a power wheelchair needs less energy to regulate the chair.  The support and comfort that the user gets from using this kind of chair are exceptional as compared to the manual chairs – read article on what is a wheelchair


Since the chair needs less energy to direct it,  it gives the user the freedom he needs. Instead of relying on someone for help, the patient feels comfortable since he can direct the chair on his own. 


If your senior doesn’t have a wheelchair, you now have many reasons to get an electric wheelchair. Make your loved one happy.

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